One year of war: Ukraine energy support wheels are turning  

24 February 2023

Marking one year of Russian invasion in Ukraine, director Lorkowski issued a special statement. 'Particularly today our thoughts are with Ukraine', he declared, and 'when reflecting the first days, the Secretariat was quick to put the disbelief aside and convened an emergency meeting on 1 March 2022. Three days later, a formal assistance agreement between the Secretariat and the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine on the coordination of emergency supplies to Ukraine was signed. This decision gained unprecedented dynamics, shaping the Secretariat's operations in the months to come'.

'The support instruments in place, including the Fund, Task Force and Observatory, the Energy Community is well prepared to accompany Ukraine also on its path of recovery and reconstruction. We firmly stand by Ukraine today, and in the months ahead of us', director Lorkowski stated.

The milestones below map the Secretariat's engagement in providing Ukraine practical help and keeping its energy system functional.

18 Mar 2022

Establishment of the Task Force

Acting on the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine's request, the Secretariat set up the Ukraine Support Task Force. Since early March, it

  • coordinates with the Cabinet of Commissioner Simson on specific offers by companies and to set up stable and lasting processes for donations in-kind.
  • works together with  the Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC) of DG ECHO, establishing joint and sustainable processes under the Union Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM).
05 Apr 2022

Establishment of the Fund

Upon request by the European Commission and in agreement with the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, the Energy Community Secretariat set up the legal framework for the Ukraine Energy Support Fund to counteract the impact of the Russian invasion.

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11 Apr 2022

First donated emergency equipment arrived

The first shipment of emergency equipment to help repair energy infrastructure damaged during the war coordinated by the Secretariat has arrived in Ukraine.

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31 Aug 2022

300 metric tons of equipment delivered

The hallmark of 300 metric tons of equipment delivered to Ukraine was reached by end of August 2022. The Energy Community Ukraine Support Task Force facilitated the successful delivery of goods; donated from 12 countries and ​​​​​delivered in 17 separate shipments. ​​​​​​

13 Dec 2022

Donations to the Fund exceed EUR 100m

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action of Germany has announced a EUR 99,5  million contribution to the Ukraine Energy Support Fund. The donation is in addition to the contribution of EUR 30 million by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany.

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10 Jan 2023

Procurement of items worth EUR 107m starting

The Ministry of Energy of Ukraine approved support requests by 30 energy companies under the Ukraine Energy Support Fund for the procurement of power transformers, generators, valves, pumps, pipes, oil transformers, surge arresters, batteries, disconnectors, wires, insulators and circuit breakers, to be conducted by an independent procurement agent.

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27 Jan 2023

Energy Market Observatory launched

The Secretariat launches a special Observatory to closely follow and review all developments related to the energy market and corporate governance in Ukraine. In full respect of confidentiality requirements, the assessments will be published and made available to domestic and international stakeholders involved. 

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10 Feb 2023

First grant fully utilised

The Fund recently reported full utilisation of the grant by Denmark, through the Danish Energy Agency, and two donations by private donors. With these grants 21 different kinds of items requested by eight different Ukrainian companies (mostly active in electricity and gas distribution) were financed. 

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24 Feb 2023

Fund EUR 162m strong, 52 shipments assisted

Six European governments, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Denmark, Iceland and Austria, alongside the European Commission, other corporations and associations provide support to the Ukrainian energy sector via the Ukraine Energy Support Fund. Thanks to the ten donors, the accumulated contributions now amount to more than EUR 162 million.

Working in tandem with the ERCC, the Ukraine Support Task Force has assisted, coordinated or participated in the delivery of 52 shipments of urgently needed energy equipment. Donated from 20 different countries, the total weight of the assisted shipment is ca. 1150 metric tons. Equipment delivered includes crucially needed high voltage equipment, natural gas equipment, IT equipment, specialty vehicles, oils and other liquids, generators, tools, and work clothing.

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