Task Force on Environment

The Task Force on Environment supports the Contracting Parties in their transposition and implementation of the environmental acquis. The Ministerial Council approved the establishment of the Task Force in 2010 and its mandate has been extended until further notice. Ordinary meetings of the Task Force take place twice a year.

  • Tasks


    The Task Force on the Environment focuses on overcoming challenges in the transposition and implementation of the acquis on the environment. This includes assessment and peer review of implementation tools. The Task Force also prepares new environmental acquis for their adoption in the Energy Community. 

  • Composition


    The Task Force consists of representatives of the Contracting Parties and Observers as well as the European Union. To ensure a broad knowledge base, participation to the Task Force is also open to other stakeholders, including public authorities, donors, business, investors and representatives of civil society.

    The members of the Task Force elected Mr. Jürgen Schneider of the Austrian Environment Agency as the first Chair (2010 - 2018). In November 2018, the 51st PHLG confirmed the election of Mr. Daniel Martin-Montalvo as the new chair of the Task Force.