According to Article 66 of the Procedural Act 2006/03/MC-EnC of the Ministerial Council, procurement by the Energy Community shall be done in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Austrian Federal Public Procurement Law (Bundesvergabegesetz 2018, Federal Law Gazette I no. 65/2018).  The most recent version of the Law applies. 

As of 2018, the Energy Community uses an e-procurement system Lieferanzeiger for its procurement procedures. Each time a new procedure with publication is launched, the Energy Community Secretariat will share the info and link to the procedure in this section. If you wish to participate in a procurement procedure launched by the Energy Community, please consult Lieferanzeiger, and/or,  this section regularly.

For contracts awarded by the Energy Community under the Direct Award procedure (as defined in the Austrian Procurement law), please refer to Roster of Experts page. Only invited participants, can take part in Direct Award procedures.


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