According to Article 66 of the Procedural Act PA/2006/03 of the Ministerial Council, procurement by the Energy Community shall be done in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Austrian Federal Public Procurement Law (Bundesvergabegesetz 2006, Federal Law Gazette I No. 17/2006).  The most recent version of the Law applies. 

The calls for tender have been published in the Wiener Zeitung in accordance with the Law and are open for participation. Should you wish to participate, please, download the necessary information from the table below. Please visit this site from time to time for information on new procurement tenders.

In parallel, the Secretariat has an open call (until 2020) for expression of interest aimed at establishing a roster of experts for providing assistance to the Secretariat in the framework of its activities.

Open procurement tenders:

There are presently no open tenders. 

Closed procurement tenders: