Welcome Letter from our Director Lorkowski

Tackling climate change has become the greatest challenge of our time. We must continue to prioritise this to help our environment, to improve human health and quality of life, and to build resilient and more innovative economies.

But the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the current soaring energy prices are worrying. Even more than before, the Energy Community should strive to achieve its ultimate goal, which is to bring the Contracting Parties into the common pan-European energy market as equal partners following the same energy, environmental and climate rules. 

For this, the European Union and its neighbouring countries must continue to work together. The Energy Community has been successful in integrating and reforming energy markets. We spared neither energy nor resources in making our organisation even more relevant to today’s green agenda.  

The Clean Energy Package and the Decarbonisation Roadmap define the responsible purposes of our Community. Even though we all unequivocally accept the current climate ambitions, a lack of support and specific incentives for a green transition may impede their delivery in more vulnerable countries, regions and societies.

A just transition will require working closely with all stakeholders – governments, energy companies, social partners, non-governmental organisations and civil society. This dialogue should not only inspire future political decisions but also attach a more significant and broader sense of responsibility to the Energy Community process, which I have been particularly entrusted with as Director of the Energy Community Secretariat.

Artur Lorkowski

Energy Community Secretariat

3 January 2022, Vienna

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