Secretariat's policy on documents

Where to find what you are looking for?

The Energy Community website consists of a vast number of documents, displayed in three different sections of the site: EVENTS, LEGAL and DOCUMENTS. Whilst all the meeting documents - agendas, conclusions, and presentations, can be found in the EVENTS section, the LEGAL section groups together the Energy Community acquis, Decisions, Procedural Acts, Opinions and the Cases registry. Please note that no documents older than ten years are displayed on these pages.

The six sub-pages of this DOCUMENTS section are organised by the author of the document.

  • Secretariat's publications groups together reports, reviews and explanatory notes written by the Secretariat. Whilst the majority is a direct outcome of its reporting obligation, the Secretariat also reviews and reports upon Contracting Party's request. Sometimes it writes a paper to evoke discussion in the institutional bodies. 
  • Studies features the final reports from studies tendered and financed by the Energy Community Secretariat. The chosen research topics reflect the objectives set in the organisation's Work Programme. In few occasions the Secretariat itself conducted the study. 
  • Contracting Parties' reports  displays the statements, reports and action plans submitted by the Contracting Parties to the Secretariat so far.
  • ECRB reports and working documents groups together the reports, working reports and positions written by the ECRB and its working groups. They are a result of the task assigned by the ECRB's work programme or an obligation arising from the acquis.
  • Work programmes groups together all the Energy Community Work Programmes. The selection varies from the overall work programme of the organisation to shorter, topic specific plans of the various coordination groups.

Document access

In case a document is not displayed neither under EVENTS, nor under LEGAL or DOCUMENTS, interested persons may request access to such document in line with the Rules on Public Access to Documents of the Secretariat (PA 2021/03/ECS-EnC).

Please send any such request to the designated member of the Legal Unit displayed below.