Security of Supply Coordination Group

The Security of Supply Coordination Group (SoSCG) provides an institutional and procedural framework for coordinating national security of supply measures at the Energy Community level. Two sub-groups have been established – one for electricity and one for gas. Each sub-group meets twice a year.

The Group was established in 2008 by Procedural Act 2021/03/MC-EnC of the Ministerial Council, amended in 2021. Such a coordination mechanism is a requirement in the corresponding security of supply acquis. Both the gas and electricity security of supply acquis underwent revision in November 2021.



About the SoS coordination groups

  • Tasks


    The Security of Supply Coordination Group facilitates the coordination of security of supply measures and advises the Energy Community institutions on issues relating to gas and electricity security of supply. It assists the Energy Community Secretariat in performing its tasks as embedded in the security of supply acquis. The Group also assists the Parties in the preparation and update of national preventive and emergency measures and their coordination at Energy Community level, following the acquis and the policies on energy security applied in the EU.

    The Security of Supply Coordination Group monitors the state of security of supply of network energy (electricity and natural gas) within the Energy Community. ln the event of an existing, imminent threat to security of supply or in the event of a supply disruption affecting a Party and involving another Party or a third country, the Group shall, where appropriate, coordinate measures taken at national level. In doing so, it follows the principles established by the Energy Community Treaty (Title III Chapter VII), Regulation (EU) 2017/1938, as adapted and adopted by Ministerial Council Decision 2021/15/MC-EnC, and Regulation (EU) 2019/941, as adapted and adopted by Ministerial Council Decision 2021/13/MC-EnC, in the gas and electricity sectors respectively.

  • Composition


    Group members bring together government representatives and non-governmental stakeholders, particularly energy industry associations and consumers. The EU Member States participate in the group with regard to all matters with which they are concerned.

    The Group meets in two compositions – one for gas and one for electricity. The meetings are chaired by the European Commission in cooperation with the Energy Community Secretariat

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