Public consultation on proposed PECI and PMI projects

The objective of this on-line public consultation is to seek views on the proposed infrastructure projects in the areas of electricity, gas or oil. 

In an open call in late 2017, project promoters submitted electricity, gas, oil and smart grids proposals with the purpose to obtain the status of priority projects in line with the EU Regulation 347/2013, as adapted and adopted by the Ministerial Council in 2015. The identification of priority projects in the Energy Community is similar to the process of identification of EU Projects of Common Interest.

In line with the provisions of the Regulation 347/2013, two Groups were established in 2017 (one for electricity and smart grids, and one for gas and oil infrastructure) for the assessment of the infrastructure project proposals. 

The Groups evaluate the projects against the general and specific criteria as defined in the Regulation 347/2013, assessing especially each project’ s contribution to market integration, sustainability, enhancing security of supply, and competition, supported by a consultant. The Groups shall propose preliminary lists (electricity and smart grids, gas, oil infrastructure), for adoption by the Ministerial Council in October 2018.

Consultation period

9 April 2018 to 9 May 2018

Policy field


Target groups

Public authorities, companies, industry associations, SMEs, consumer organisations, trade unions, NGOs, environmental organisations, consultancies, workers and employers' federations, other relevant stakeholders and citizens.