Coordination Group of Distribution System Operators for Electricity

The Energy Community Distribution System Operators in Electricity (ECDSO-E) Coordination Group  was  informally established and supported by the Secretariat in 2014. On 29 November 2018, the 16th Ministerial Council adopted a Procedural Act on the establishment of the ECDSO-E Coordination Group.

  • Tasks


    ECDSO-E provides the format for discussion of all questions pertinent to DSO operation and functioning related to implementation of provisions of the Energy Community Treaty. ln particular its tasks will be:

    • to facilitate and harmonize the implementation of the Directive 2009/72/EC and Directive 2005/89/EC and to elaborate guidance documents where necessary;
    • to follow up conformity of practices, processes and activities in the field relevant for DSO operation and issue assessments and official positions;
    • to discuss and, where appropriate, to develop a common view on issues to be discussed and agreed upon in the ECDSO-E and to be presented to other stakeholders;
    • to support individual DSOs in the implementation of their tasks and obligations agreed upon by ECDSO-E and to coordinate related activities where appropriate;
    • to follow up development of new rules and regulations and issue recommendations for implementation;
    • to support DSOs in the management of transition (guidelines, recommendations of best practices, peer to peer consultations).
  • Composition


    Membership in the ECDSO-E Coordination Group is defined as follows:

    • representatives of all interested DSO from the Energy Community, including Observers and Participants to the EnC Treaty, nominated to the Group;
    • experts and officials of the Secretariat and the European Commission;
    • representatives of other stakeholders nominated to liaise with the ECDSO-E or invited by the Chairperson or by the Secretariat.

    ECDSO-E shall nominate and appoint a Chairperson and two Vice Chairpersons for a period of two years. One expert appointed by the Secretariat shall be the Moderator of ECDSO-E activities. 

    Participation of the DSOs from the Energy Community in the ECDSO-E is voluntary.

  • Structure


    The operational structure of the ECDSO-E comprises

    • The ECDSO-E Coordination Group plenary
    • ECDSO-E Task Forces
    • Technical Networks.

    ECDSO-E Coordination Group plenary will meet when considered necessary upon a motion of the Chairperson of ECDSO-E, the Secretariat, or at least one third of ECDSO-E's members. It meets normally twice a year.

    Task Forces can be established for well-defined tasks. They will report to ECDSO-E at each meeting. There is to be a predetermined terms of reference with a clear time frame for each task.

    The Technical Networks are established to stimulate discussion and harmonisation in selected technical fields. They will operate by suitable electronic means and are moderated by the Secretariat.