Energy Community Fora

The Fora embody the broadest discussion platforms within the Energy Community, where ongoing and future legal, regulatory and practical developments are discussed. The Energy Community fora have policy specific focus and take place once a year.

Whereas the Electricity and Gas Fora were established by the Energy Community Treaty, the establishment of Oil Forum followed by a Ministerial Council Decision in 2008. The Law Forum and the more recent Sustainability Forum (renamed Just Transition), Competition and Dispute Resolution Forum convene on the basis of the Secretariat's initiative.

  • Tasks


    The Fora serve to advise Energy Community institutions and reinforce the implementation of the respective Energy Community acquis. The Fora adopt conclusions by consensus and forward them to the Permanent High Level Group. 

  • Composition


    Participation to the Fora is open to all relevant stakeholders. This includes representatives of government, industry, industry associations, regulators, donors, academia, consumer interest groups and civil society.