Secretariat launches Ukraine Energy Market Observatory

27 January 2023

In an effort to streamline and consolidate its monitoring functions under the Energy Community Treaty with regard to Ukraine, the Energy Community’s largest member currently suffering from a war of aggression by the Russian Federation, the Secretariat created the Ukraine Energy Market Observatory. The Observatory will closely follow and review all developments related to the energy market and corporate governance in Ukraine. In full respect of confidentiality requirements, the assessments will be published and made available to domestic and international stakeholders involved. This will support the further integration of the Ukrainian energy sector with Europe and help building trust in a predictable and transparent governance in line with European practices.

As a first assessment, the Secretariat shared with the energy regulatory authority, NEURC, its assessment of Resolution 1689 of 17 December 2022 on the settlement of urgent issues of ensuring security of supply and prevention of an emergency situation in the energy system of Ukraine. The Secretariat also shared its preliminary assessment of a draft Law affecting the corporate governance of state-owned enterprises with the relevant committees of Verkhovna Rada.

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