Legal Frameworks

The Treaty establishing the Energy Community created a set of common institutions and a legal framework within which these institutions operate. 

For the sake of best possible overview, the Secretariat has taken the task to compile the prevailing Energy Community legal framework under one cover. With so far five editions, the Legal Framework publication consists of three parts. Whilst Part I replicates the Treaty establishing the Energy Community, Part II lists the complete Energy Community acquis communautaire in force. Part III displays a selection of Energy Community secondary legislation.


Secretariat's Legal Frameworks

  • Fourth edition

    Energy Community Legal Framework, 4th edition

    In contrast to the third edition, this fourth edition puts the Second Energy Package behind and displays the Third Energy Package (implementation deadline 1 January 2015) only. Published in January 2018, the fourth edition constitutes a proof of the ‘greening’ of the Energy Community – both in the importance and scope of renewable energy, energy efficiency and environmental acquis. The Contracting Parties implement today the core energy efficiency acquis and have the same level of ambition as their EU counterparts. So far the environmental acquis was limited to improving the situation in relation to network energy (Article 2 of the Treaty). A paradigm shift followed in 2016, when the Ministerial Council took the first steps towards integrating climate issues in the context of the Energy Community. To push the agendas further, the 2017 Ministerial Council adopted three further Recommendations in environment and climate.


  • Special edition on energy efficiency

    Energy Community Legal Framework, special edition on energy efficiency

    Similar to the fourth edition, this special edition on energy efficiency consists of the legal acts in force (Part I) and the relevant Energy Community Ministerial Council decisions and procedural acts (Part II) amending the original EU acquis. Published in June 2016, the edition additionally displays all implementing directives and delegated regulations on energy labelling (Part I). 


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