Ukraine Energy Support Fund procurement

Approach, principles:

  • The Ukraine Energy Support Fund is set up to match demand for financing procurement of necessary equipment, fuels and services for Ukrainian energy companies.
  • Support is granted on the basis of requests by Ukrainian energy companies confirmed by Ministry of Energy of Ukraine which specify the items/services needed for the stable operation of the energy system of Ukraine.
  • The procurement of the items/services is conducted by an international procurement agency on the basis of open and transparent procurement procedures.

Since time is of essence for the restoration of an operational energy system in Ukraine and the items/services needed are highly specific, the Secretariat appreciates and invites potential suppliers of items/services for Ukrainian energy companies to present their portfolio and/or submit unsolicited offers via an online questionnaire 

Database of potential suppliers:

The aim is to create a database of potential suppliers of items/services needed by Ukrainian energy companies. With this, the Secretariat, which acts as the fiduciary of the Ukraine Energy Support Fund, increases transparency and non-discriminatory access to the procurement procedures.

The information submitted will be shared with the procurement agency which will contact you in case of matches with items/services under procurement.


How to express one's interest?

  • In order to express one's interest, the potential supplier should first fill in the below vendor template and provide information on the available items/services.
  • As a next step, the consolidated template should be submitted via online questionnaire.

Download the template for potential suppliers of items/services

Vendor template

Practical information:

  • Please submit your list of items/services using the excel template above. Please do not submit information in any other format.
  • Please make sure to submit your data within one session. You cannot return to the form, nor save it.  After a successful submission, your will receive an email confirmation. 
  • In case of additional information, the file upload field allows the following types of files: xls, pdf, jpeg, jpg, png, gif. The system does not allow word files. 
  • Please refrain from using special characters  (%, &, *, #) in the fields. Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

Open the potential suppliers questionnaire

online questionnaire