Past projects and initiatives

This section groups together past Energy Community projects and initiatives. 

Western Balkan 6 Initiative and beyond

Under the auspices of the Grant Contract “TA to Connectivity in the Western Balkans, the Secretariat was defined as one of the implementing organisations of the ‘WB6’ initiative. The overall objective of the 24 months technical assistance project, CONNECTA, was to assist the Western Balkan governments to achieve their goal of a regional energy market. In order to monitor and report abou the progress achived, the project resulted in Tracker publications.

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Central and South-Eastern European Gas Connectivity

The Central and South-Eastern European Gas Connectivity (CESEC) initiative sketched a joint approach to address the natural gas diversification and security of supply challenges.

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Word Bank study and biomass-based heating database

With the support of the Secretariat, the World Bank completed the “Sector Study on Biomass-based heating in the Western Balkans” in October 2017. Financed by the Western Balkans Investments Framework (WBIF), it aimed to help Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo*, Montenegro, Serbia, and North Macedonia to identify viable investment options and policy measures to increase the use of biomass for heating in a sustainable manner. The project also resulted in diverse information materials are available in seven languages, grouped in four categories.

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