First aid shipment of critical specialised energy equipment coordinated by the Secretariat arrives in Ukraine

11 April 2022

The first shipment of emergency equipment to help repair energy infrastructure damaged during the war coordinated by the Secretariat has arrived in Ukraine.

Director Lorkowski said: “The Secretariat is doing everything within its power to help keep the lights on in Ukraine. The emergency supplies delivered will help safeguard access to energy for the people of Ukraine. In times of unprecedented crisis, the Energy Community and its Secretariat can be relied upon to help Ukraine meet its emergency needs”.

The delivery of the shipment was supported by the Secretariat’s dedicated Ukraine Support Task Force and facilitated by the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP). The Ukraine Support Task Force is working closely with the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine. The logistics are organised in the framework of the Union Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM). For more information about how this process works, please consult the infographic below.

François-Régis Mouton, Regional Director Europe, IOGP said: “Solidarity and safety are core values of IOGP; we’re very proud to leverage our member companies’ collective skills and resources to assist the people of Ukraine.  Other shipments are under preparation across Europe and should depart soon, and we are grateful to the Energy Community Secretariat and the European Commission for helping us do our part”.

The Ministry of Energy of Ukraine compiles the list of urgent requests of critical energy infrastructure operator companies. Based on the list, deliveries from Norway, Spain and Switzerland, coordinated by the Secretariat, are almost ready for departure. The Secretariat is working with its partners on the delivery of additional supplies from Italy, Germany, France, UK, Sweden, Latvia, the Netherlands and beyond.

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