Ukraine Support Task Force

In the immediate aftermath of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Energy Community Secretariat answered the call for help of Ukraine, by establishing the Ukraine Support Task Force (USTF). The Task Force is supporting Ukraine by coordinating the door-to-door delivery of specialized energy equipment, fuels and materials needed to repair infrastructure damaged during the war. Its main purpose is to assist Ukraine in keeping its energy system functional.

More than 12.000 items are on the list of emergency energy equipment urgently needed in Ukraine, such as power generators, transformers, insulators, clamps, cables-wires and connectors, circuit breakers, pipes, valves, communication devices or vehicles and many more.

Countries, companies and industry associations can provide energy equipment donations through a simple process, with no cost for the donors. Scroll down for details on how your country, company, or association can help Ukraine, and/or, contact the ECS-USTF directly.

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  • How the USTF process works

    How the USTF process works

    The USTF assists donor companies and Ukrainian authorities through the whole donation process. From reaching out to potential donor companies and assisting them with the formal submission of their donation, through the logistics and following the customs clearance, all the way to the delivery of specialized equipment to the final destination in Ukraine, the USTF engages in a horizontally integrated, multi-stakeholder process.  

    The USTF cooperates closely with the European Commission and particularly the Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC) of DG ECHO, the coordinator of the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM), to ensure the delivery of energy-related humanitarian needs to Ukraine. The USTF feeds in transport requests to the ERCC, who, via the UCPM mechanism organizes the shipment from the sites of the donor companies. Together with the ERCC, USTF tracks the process, assists and coordinates each shipment at every step of the journey in Europe and within Ukraine.  

    The USTF is in daily contact with the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine and the Ministry of Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development of Ukraine to coordinate each shipment’s delivery, ensure that the list of emergency equipment needs is up-to-date, and disseminates the list of needs to key stakeholders and potential donor companies. The USTF consistently informs both Ministries about the upcoming and ongoing deliveries and their status and assists each shipment until it reaches the beneficiary in Ukraine.

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  • Why to donate via the USTF process?

    Why to donate via the USTF process?

    • The USTF actively assists donor companies from the beginning to the end of the donation process.
    • The USTF provides donors with the up-to-date list of items, which corresponds to Ukraine’s immediate needs.
    • Donors benefit from simplified administrative procedures and support in the preparation of the required documents.
    • All donations are subject to a simplified customs clearance process for humanitarian assistance ensured by the Union Civil Protection Mechanism and Ukrainian legislation.
    • The ERCC, once confirmed the acceptance, coordinates the transportation of the donated equipment, and some of the transport costs can be covered by the EU budget for shipments originating from UCPM countries (EU Member States, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Norway, Serbia, Türkiye, and Ukraine)
    • The ERCC, UCPM national civil protection authorities, together with the Governmental Strategic Reserves Agency (RARS) of Poland and the USTF, are ready to assist with the delivery of emergency supplies arriving not only from Europe, but from locations around the world to Ukraine, via the rescEU process.
    • The USTF informs the donor on the delivery status of the shipment.

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  • USTF support in numbers

    USTF support in numbers

    USTF has so far assisted 138 in-kind donations of energy-related equipment successfully delivered to Ukraine. Humanitarian aid has been offered by private donors and government institutions with a total weight of 5,400 tons from 100 donors and 24 countries. More than 40 offers are being processed.  

    2024 Monthly donations (in tons)

    status: 15 February 2024

    2022 - 2023 Monthly donations (in tons)

    status: 1 January 2024

    Deliveries by donating country

    Donating country Number of
    Donations in tons  Donating country Number of
    Donations in tons 
     Austria 1 0,072  Lithuania 3


     Czech Republic 6


     Luxembourg 2


     Denmark 4 59.107   North Macedonia 1 8.550
     Estonia 4


      Norway 21


     Finland 4 63.300   Poland 2 143.845
     France 11


      Slovakia 1 7.648
     Germany 14


     South Korea 1


     Greece 1 4.897   Spain 4


     Hungary 3 10.390   Sweden 15


     Ireland 2


      Switzerland 25


     Italy 7 78.493   The Netherlands 1 14.500
     Latvia 3


     The United Kingdom 2 16.072

    status: 15 February 2024

  • USTF achievements

    USTF achievements

    status February 2024



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  • Most urgent needs

    Most urgent needs after attacks on Ukrainian energy infrastructure

    status: 4 October 2023


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