Secretariat commends accelerated power system synchronization of Ukraine and Moldova with ENTSO-E

16 March 2022

Today marks the start of trial synchronization of the power systems of Ukraine and Moldova with the Continental European power system, as a milestone towards permanent synchronization in the future. This follows the request by the two Energy Community Contracting Parties for emergency synchronization after the completion of isolated mode tests during which their electricity systems proved reliable and stable in spite of the extremely challenging circumstances caused by the Russian invasion.

Director Lorkowski said: “I commend ENTSO-E, the European Commission and all those involved for making the early synchronization of Ukraine and Moldova possible in this dark time of war. Such actions show true solidarity, one of the founding principles of the Energy Community. Synchronization means European assistance in case of emergency needs, thus increasing the stability of the Ukrainian and Moldovan power systems. It means safer operation of nuclear power plants in Ukraine. After the Russian military aggression stops, synchronization will translate into more energy security and more benefits for consumers on both sides.”

The Energy Community Secretariat will continue supporting Ukraine and Moldova in aligning their legal and regulatory frameworks with EU rules, especially electricity network codes and guidelines.

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