Implementing reporting obligations

By their signatures of the Energy Community Treaty, the Contracting Parties overtook the obligation to implement the energy acquis in force. Parallel to the adoption of secondary legislation, the implementation of the acquis gives rise to diverse reporting obligations.

Particularly the implementation of the Clean Energy Package acquis is based on comprehensive, multi-annual action plans. As a first step, the Parties draft and adopt the action plans that set the steps for achieving the negotiated targets. They are subsequently obliged to report about the progress achieved in the form of regular progress reports.

Starting in 2019, the Parties have also a reporting obligation pursuant Annex VIII.B of the Large Combustion Plan Directive 2001/80/EC. 

This page displays the reports and action plans submitted by the Contracting Parties to the Secretariat so far. 


Albania has so far provide the Secretariat progress reports in the area of renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina has so far provided the Secretariat progress reports and statements in the area of renewable energy, energy efficiency, environment, security of supply and climate.

Pursuant to the Secretariat's documents policy, no document older than ten years is displayed online.