Secretariat discusses integration of Contracting Parties into the European electricity market with ENTSO-E

25 February 2022

On 23 February, Director Lorkowski held an introductory meeting with the leadership of ENTSO-E, the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity, including the President of the ENTSO-E Assembly, Hervé Laffaye, and its Vice-President, Zbyněk Boldiš.

The discussions took stock of the existing cooperation frameworks between the two organizations and how best they could be structured in the next phase of cooperation on the implementation of the Clean Energy Package. Strengthening cooperation on the adoption of the Electricity Regulation, Network Codes and Guidelines was identified as key to ensuring the successful integration of the Contracting Parties into the European electricity market.

The two organizations also exchanged on the set of measures agreed by all involved parties for the future interconnection between the interconnected power systems of the synchronous area of Continental Europe and the power systems operated by Ukrenergo and Modelectrica, including on the tests of their operation in isolated mode. The recent completion of the certification process of Ukraine’s transmission system operator Ukrenergo, in line with Third Energy Package unbundling rules, was identified as a key milestone.

In light of the recent deviations in the synchronous area Continental Europe, the two organisations agreed that the rules and agreements established under the Energy Community Treaty and the ENTSO-E umbrella have to be respected by all responsible parties in order to ensure secure and stable system operation of the interconnected European power grid.