2020 PECI / PMI selection

This page provides details on the work conducted for the selection of the 2020 PECI / PMI project lists. This includes information on the work of both the Gas and Oil, and the Electricity Group meetings. The adopted Regulation (EU) 347/2013 Annex II/1/(6) defines the minimum set of information to be published on the work of the groups, which is also made available on this page.

February 2020 marked the launch of the Call for Projects for the third Projects of Energy Community Interest (PECI) and Projects of Mutual Interest (PMI) selection procedure. Project promoters working on the realisation of energy infrastructure projects in the categories defined in the adopted Regulation (EU) 347/2013 Annex I/1-2-3 (electricity transmission, storage, smart grid; gas transmission, storage, LNG/CNG infrastructure; oil transmission and storage) were asked to submit their projects to the Secretariat by 28 February 2020. Also, Contracting Parties submitted their country-specific data by this date.

A consultant, the Regional Centre for Energy Policy Research (REKK) was selected to assist the Electricity and the Gas-Oil Groups in charge of the process, in assessing the projects. After the project submission was closed and the data collection finalized, the groups met via a web-conference in mid-March and verified the submitted data, projects' eligibility  and the assessment methodology.

In the course of April 2020, the Secretariat held a public consultation on the projects which were found eligible based on the criteria defined in the Regulation. The project list for public consultation did not represent the preliminary list, which was the result of the project assessment and the Groups’ discussions. The publication consultation was concluded on 30 April 2020.

The consultant worked until May on the individual project assessment, after which the groups met again, verified the results and compiled the draft preliminary PECI and PMI lists based on the assessment results. This draft preliminary was noted by the Permanent High Level Group and was approved by the Ministerial Council of the Secretariat during its December 2020 session. Since the Ministerial Council’s approval, the current lists are the binding one, and thus replaced the previous PECI and PMI lists enforce during the previous two years.