The Secretariat releases the new Legal Framework of the Energy Community

12 October 2023

The new edition of the Legal Framework presents all the consolidated Energy Community rules including the newly adopted Clean Energy Package incorporated by the Energy Community Ministerial Council in 2021 and 2022. The Legal Framework 5.0 edition presents the Energy Community body of law in seven thematic volumes.

When the Treaty establishing the Energy Community entered into force in 2006, it explicitly referred to 11 legal acts that the Contracting Parties were required to transpose and implement. After the adoption of Clean Energy Package, the Energy Community body of law now amounts to 120 Decisions and 52 Procedural Acts adopted by the Ministerial Council and the Permanent High-Level Group, requiring the transposition and implementation of 15 Directives and 52 Regulations.

The release of this updated Legal Framework underscores the Energy Community's dedication to harmonizing energy legislation and advancing towards a cleaner and more integrated energy market. It provides Contracting Parties with a clear roadmap for aligning their national energy policies with the shared goals of the Energy Community.

Visit the Legal Frameworks-page and learn more about the new LF 5.0 edition.