18th Gas Forum focuses on winter preparedness

29 September 2023

The 18th Gas Forum of the Energy Community took place in Vienna yesterday, addressing key gas supply security measures. Participants discussed diversification approaches, joint gas purchases, and the significance of Ukraine's storage system in bolstering Europe's energy security.

The Forum, which highlighted notable stabilization in gas affordability, drew attention to the importance of remaining vigilant and finalizing regulatory measures while optimizing infrastructure usage, both existing and forthcoming, to facilitate the integration of an increasingly diversified energy supply to the region.

Energy Community Director, Artur Lorkowski, commended the collaborative efforts of Contracting Parties, in particular in Moldova, but emphasized the necessity of continuous commitment to these goals. He also noted that Contracting Parties demonstrated substantial progress in meeting storage targets, with Ukraine achieving certification of the storage operator and improving governance of transmission system operator, thus marking a significant milestone in ensuring a stable gas supply in the region.

The event provided valuable networking opportunities, fostering meaningful discussions and knowledge exchange among industry stakeholders. It reaffirmed the Energy Community's commitment to energy security, regulatory cooperation, and sustainability as it continues to navigate the evolving energy landscape.