Secretariat welcomes President Zelenskyy's signing of gas operator governance reform law

7 September 2023

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's recent endorsement of Law 9311-1-d demonstrates Ukraine's dedication towards reasssuring the independence and unbundling of its gas transmission operator, GTSOU, and enhancing corporate governance practices. This move reflects the country’s dedication to reform and align with Energy Community law.

The focus now shifts to the timely implementation of the law provisions, in particular the adoption of the new charter and selection of new independent supervisory board. The Energy Community Secretariat is closely cooperating with Ukrainian stakeholders, and is requested to issue a binding opinion on the new charter by Law 9322-1-d. This will also ensure that GTSOU’s certification can be upheld, which in turn will benefit uninterrupted gas flows including gas transit to the EU and Moldova.

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