Secretariat launches platform for pro bono legal support to public energy companies in Ukraine

19 July 2023

The Secretariat invites the international legal community to participate in Ukraine Legal Support Platform aimed at assisting Ukrainian public energy companies. This initiative aims to aid in the recovery of damages suffered by Ukraine's critical energy infrastructure. The platform will allow law firms and qualified independent lawyers to contribute pro bono hours to various projects and match them with the demand of Ukrainian energy companies.

The Secretariat has established partnerships with Ukraine's most important public energy companies, including NPC Ukrenergo (the Ukrainian electricity transmission system operator) and NPC Energoatom (the Ukrainian nuclear energy company). These companies face substantial financial losses as a result of attacks by the Russian Federation targeting the Ukrainian energy system. Access to energy, lighting and heating is also a fundamental right of every citizen.

Pro bono legal support will allow Ukrainian companies to file claims against Russia in both national courts and international arbitration. By leveraging the platform and working closely with Ukrainian partners, the Energy Community Secretariat aims to align the demand for legal services with the expertise and assistance provided by international legal professionals.

The Secretariat encourages law firms and independent lawyers from around the world to join this initiative and contribute their expertise to help restore the Ukrainian energy sector. By coming together to provide pro bono legal support, the international legal community can play a vital role in bolstering Ukraine's energy infrastructure and promoting justice for the damages suffered.

Interested parties can learn more and participate in the platform by clicking here.


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