Procurements under the Ukraine Energy Support Fund progressing at a fast pace: EUR 120 mil under procurement

10 May 2023

The Energy Community Secretariat is proud to report that in the first quarter of 2023, approximately EUR 3.6 million of the funds transferred to the Ukraine Energy Support Fund have already been spent on critical energy infrastructure repairs.  The Fund has procured welding machines, circuit breakers, 12 current transformers, and wires, among other essential items. In addition, procurements worth EUR 119.2 million are at advanced stages of the procedure, with items such as power transformers, vehicle lifts, circuit breakers, switches, disconnectors, surge arresters, batteries, mobile cranes, steam turbines, and excavators being considered for procurement. These procurements have been instrumental in ensuring the stability and functioning of the energy infrastructure in Ukraine.

The Energy Community Secretariat is grateful to all the donors for their generous contributions and their commitment to the Ukraine Energy Support Fund. These items will further strengthen the energy infrastructure in Ukraine and ensure its sustainability for years to come. We will continue to work diligently to ensure that the funds are allocated effectively and efficiently to support the energy sector in Ukraine.

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