Director Lorkowski holds talks with Montenegrin energy sector leadership

14 February 2023

On 14 February, Director Lorkowski met with Ervin Ibrahimović, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Capital Investments of Montenegro and Branislav Prelević, President of the Board at the Energy and Water Regulatory Agency of Montenegro. He also addressed the Montenegrin Parliament’s Committee responsible for energy issues.

Director Lorkowski was keen to hear updates on Montenegro’s efforts in transposing the Clean Energy package and its coal phase-out strategies. Ranked as the 2023 Energy Community priority, regional approach to carbon pricing and setting in place the decarbonisation roadmap stood high on agenda. During the talks, Mr Lorkowski also stressed the importance of energy infrastructure development.

Director Lorkowski said: “Montenegro has one of the best track records in implementing the Energy Community acquis. Year after year it has shown strong performance in the area of electricity, energy efficiency and climate. I particularly congratulate Montenegro for having achieved both its 2020 energy efficiency and renewable energy targets”.

Minister Ibrahimović said: “Montenegro is strategically committed to the development of the energy sector on the principles of decarbonisation and green energy transition, including promotion of renewable energy sources, increasing energy efficiency, modernization of the energy sector and the application of new technologies. We welcome support from the Energy Community Secretariat in transposition of Energy Community legislation, and remain firmly committed in finalise the National Energy and Climate Plan and achieve 2030 energy and climate targets.”  

The Director was accompanied by Deputy Director Dirk Buschle and Country Desk Officer Borko Raicevic.

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