Director Lorkowski visits Kyiv to strengthen Secretariat’s support for Ukraine

21 October 2022

During his week-long mission to Kyiv, Director Lorkowski met with representatives of the Ukrainian government and energy sector stakeholders to discuss immediate actions to ensure the stability of Ukraine’s energy system during wartime while continuing the reform process under the Energy Community Treaty. Director Lorkowski pledged to redouble the Secretariat’s efforts to support Ukraine, including by strengthening donor coordination activities and advancing the country’s post-war energy transition in line with 2050 decarbonisation goals.

Discussions with the Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine, Olga Stefanishyna, centred on the Secretariat’s support to Ukraine in the implementation of the goals of the European Green Deal. Deputy Prime Minister Stefanishyna and Director Lorkowski agreed to establish an internship programme whereby 20 Ukrainian civil servants will gain in-depth knowledge of the EU acquis covered by the Energy Community. 

With one third of the country’s energy system damaged by Russian shelling, the meeting with the Minister of Energy of Ukraine, German Galushchenko, focused on strengthening the Secretariat’s support for Ukraine by coordinating donations of specialised energy equipment to repair and rebuild the damaged infrastructure.

During the exchange with the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, it was agreed that the Secretariat will deepen its support to help advance the green energy transition. The Secretariat, through its Dispute Resolution and Negotiation Center, will also cooperate with the Ministry in promoting and pursuing legal claims against the Russian Federation with regard to the damage inflicted to the environment and climate by the ongoing attacks against Ukraine.

During his visit, the Director also met with representatives of the Verkhovna Rada, the energy regulator NEURC, CEOs of the transmission system operators in electricity and gas and other energy stakeholders.


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