Secretariat summarizes EU Taxonomy rules related to investments in energy and buildings ahead of workshop

27 September 2021

Today, the Energy Community Secretariat published a Summary Paper with an overview of sustainable investment criteria under the new EU taxonomy in relation to energy and buildings. The Secretariat hopes to raise awareness of governments, financial institutions, project developers and private companies for sustainable investments.

The European Union has adopted the EU Taxonomy Regulation as a ‘green list’ of environmentally sustainable activities in the form of an EU-wide classification system to provide clarity for investors, including in energy. The first delegated acts adopted this year set out detailed criteria for different activates in relation to climate change mitigation and adaptation.

To discuss on how the new rules will affect the daily operations of the energy and buildings sectors, the Secretariat is also hosting an online workshop on 30 September. Participants will have the opportunity to hear from companies and organisations which are already preparing themselves for the changes coming after the adoption of the EU Taxonomy delegated acts. The workshop is open to all interested stakeholders. Information on how to register can be found below.