National Energy and Climate Plan in Georgia tackled during EU4Energy high level meeting in Tbilisi

12 February 2020

On 12 February, EU4Energy Governance organised a High Level Policy Talks event to support Georgia with the development of the National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP). Top experts of the Energy Community Secretariat and invited speakers shared their knowledge and expertise to provide clarifications on relevant aspects of EU/Energy Community energy and climate policy and law and relevant EU regulatory and organisational practices. The process of drafting the NECP will go in parallel with the design of the Climate Action Plan and the preparation of the Nationally Determined Contribution in the framework of the Paris Agreement. The High Level Policy Talks stressed the utmost importance of aligning those two processes.

The National Energy and Climate Plan in Georgia should cover the 2021 - 2030 period, with an outlook until 2050 in order to ensure consistency with long-term relevant policy objectives at the EU, UNFCCC and Energy Community level.  All participants stressed that the event was organised at an opportune time to start a quintessential coordination of efforts of different ministries and donors offering technical assistance.

* The EU4Energy Initiative covers all EU support to improve energy supply, security and connectivity, as well as to promote energy efficiency and the use of renewables in the Eastern Partner countries Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. It does this by financing projects and programmes that help to reform energy markets and to reduce national energy dependence and consumption. Over the longer term, this makes energy supply more reliable, transparent and affordable, thus reducing energy poverty and energy bills for both citizens and the private sector.

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