List of 2016 Projects of Energy Community Interest

In October 2016, the Ministerial Council also adopted a list of Projects of Energy Community Interest (PECIs) and Projects of Mutual Interest (PMIs) based on Regulation 347/2013 on Guidelines for Trans-European Energy Infrastructure. The selected projects, which include inter alia the Trans-Balkan Electricity Corridor, a gas interconnection between Bulgaria and Serbia and an oil pipeline between Poland and Ukraine, may benefit from streamlined permitting, regulatory incentives, cross-border cost allocation procedures and funding under the EU’s Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance and the Neighbourhood Investment Facility. In total, the 2016 list consists of 6 electricity transmission, 3 gas transmission and 1 oil transmission project as PECI, and 2 electricity and 8 gas projects as PMI.

In parallel, the Secretariat published the consultant’s, REKK, final report in October 2016.