Gas_03 / Interconnector Bosnia and Herzegovina - Croatia - South (Zagvozd-Posusje-Travnik)

Brief project description

Southern Gas Interconnection Pipeline of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia (Split - Zagvozd-Imotski (CRO) - Posusje (BiH) - Novi Travnik  with a branch to Mostar) is a natural gas transmission system interconnection project of BiH and Croatia. The main goal of the Southern Interconnection Project is to establish a new  supply route for the existing and new natural gas consumers in Bosnia and Herzegovina providing reliable and diversified natural gas supply increasing the security of supply (currently Bosnia and Herzegovina N-1 = 0). Additionally, having in mind limited capacity and age of the existing supply route to Bosnia and Herzegovina, main benefit of Southern Gas Interconnection is that in the near future this route could become the only supply route for the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Project will enable diversification of the routes as well as sources of supply (access to LNG terminal Krk, natural gas storages in the neighbouring countries, gas sources in the Caspian region, EU Gas Hubs, etc.). Southern Gas Interconnection Pipeline of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia together with the planned Northern Gas Interconnection Pipeline (Slobodnica (CRO) Brod (BiH) – Zenica) forms a part of Energy Community Gas Ring. Project is also of great regional significance due to market integration by connecting the natural gas transmission system of Bosnia and Herzegovina with the neighbouring Croatian system as well as with European natural gas transmission systems. Project will significantly contribute to diversification of entry/exit points of the Croatian gas transmission system with the neighbouring countries. The Project also increases the utilization of the Croatian existing transmission system including LNG, and it increases the market for planned pipelines such as IAP and others.