Gas_01 / Interconnection Pipeline Bosnia and Herzegovina - Croatia - North (Slobodnica-Brod-Zenica)

Brief project description

This project will integrate Bosnia and Herzegovina with Croatia and other neighboring gas markets. It will be bidirectional and together with "South Interconnecor BiH-Croatia" creates a part of EnC gas ring. Main goal is to diversify gas route and supply sources for Bosnia and Herzegovina. Expected benefits are to directly increase (N-1) for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The project will enable natural gas supply to Oil Refinery Brod and other industrial and residential consumers along this route, as part of Bosnia and Herzegovina with the highest population density. It will significantly contribute to diversification of entry/exit points of Croatian gas transmission system with neighbouring countries and it is planned as bidirectional. The project is contained in the Comprehensive Energy Strategy Bosnia and Herzegovina till 2035 as well as Energy Strategies of both Republika Srpska and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina entities, which are all in adoption process. This project is in preparation from 1988; in BH-Gas, Project Documentation exists from this period.