EL_01b / Transbalkan Corridor: OHL Obrenovac (RS) - Bajina Basta (RS)

Brief project description

Upgrade of the transmission network in western Serbia to 400 kV between S/s Obrenovac and S/s Bajina Basta, which implies a new 2x400 kV transmission line S/s Obrenovac – S/s Bajina Basta, reconstruction of existing S/s Obrenovac and upgrade of SS Bajina Basta to 400 kV level accounts for one of the four first phase Transbalkan corridor infrastructure investment items, due to be completed by 2026.

Transbalkan corridor - Phase I, consists of the following Sections - infrastructure investment items: 
• I 2x400 kV overhead line (OHL) between SS Pancevo 2 and SS Resita (Romania)
• II 400 kV OHL SS Kragujevac 2 – SS Kraljevo 3, with voltage level upgrade in SS Kraljevo 3 at 400 kV voltage level 
III Upgrade of transmission network in Western Serbia at 400 kV voltage level between SS Obrenovac and SS Bajina Basta, which implies new double 400 kV OHL SS Obrenovac – SS Bajina Basta, reconstruction of existing SS Obrenovac and upgrade of SS Bajina Basta to 400 kV level
• IV 2x400 kV interconnection between SS Bajina Basta, SS Visegrad (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and SS Pljevlja (Montenegro).

Implementation of this project will build up a strong electricity transmission corridor between east and west Europe with the following main features: 
• Transbalkan corridor represents a project which goal is strengthening of the important regional and panEuropean energy paths in directions from the northeast to the southwest and from east to west. 
• Realization of Transbalkan corridor is fully in line with three basic goals of EU energy policy: increasing of security of supply, integration of renewable generation and establishing internal electric energy market accross Europe, and is acordingly recognised in ENTSO/E panEuropean TYNDP as well as in the appropriate Regional Investment Plan of ENTSO/E and supported by EC. 
• The first investment item, 400 kV OHL Pancevo – Resica was marked by EC as a PCI (Project of common interest) and its realisation was monitored by EC. 
• Energy Community marked all sections of Transbalkan corridor as projects of the highest regional interest within the process of building the PECI list (PECI Projects of Energy Comunity Interest). 
• A special Law on establishing the public interest and the special procedures of the expropriation and obtain documentation for the realization of construction of electricity transmission 400 kV TransBalkan corridor has been prepared by Ministry of Mining and Energy and adopted by the RS parliament. 
• Transbalkan corridor - Phase I envisages construction of approximately 350 km of 400 kV OHLs (of which almost 300 km is double circuits, and increase capacity of substations for about 1,500 MVA,  
• The total estimated budget value of the first phase of construction of the project TransBalkan corridor is approximately 157 MEUR. 
• The project will reduce congestion in the region and will allow the electricity market to develop, providing benefits to the generators / supply companies faciliating connection of new renewable energy sources. 
• TSOs and societies in the Region of SEE will earn revenue from transit fees, and stronger electricity connections will result in reduced supply interruptions and better supply quality to electricity customers. 
• Transmission system losses will be reduced leading to more efficient transmission and environmental benefits in CO2 emission reductions. System robustness and flexibility will be enhanced and socioeconomic welfare will be improved for all customer groups (Domestic, Commercial and Industrial) throughout the 3 countries and in the region as the energy market develops.