Director Artur Lorkowski discusses energy sector reforms in Serbia

14 May 2024

Today, Artur Lorkowski, Director of the Energy Community Secretariat, visited Serbia to engage in discussions with Serbian energy officials, aiming to strengthen cooperation and advance energy sector reforms. During his visit, Director Lorkowski met with Dubravka Đedović Handanović, Serbia’s Minister of Mining and Energy, to discuss the progress and future directions of Serbia's energy policies. He also presented Serbia’s Implementation Report to the Committee on Energy and Environment. Adding to the day’s agenda, Director Lorkowski engaged with Dejan Popovic, President of the Council of the Energy Agency of the Republic of Serbia, and council members, to underscore the importance of collaborative initiatives that enhance Serbia's contribution to the regional energy framework.

During his visit, Mr. Lorkowski highlighted Serbia’s position as the top performer in implementing the Energy Community acquis in 2023. He pointed out Serbia’s progress with the recent revisions to the Energy Law that effectively laid the groundwork for unbundling electricity and gas transmission systems. The launch of the intraday electricity market in July 2023 marked a significant milestone, and the timely submission of Serbia’s draft National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP) was acknowledged as a key achievement. Lorkowski also emphasized Serbia's strides in adopting long-term strategies for low-emission development and building renovations, revising the Renewable Energy Law, and initiating the first auction for renewable energy.

Looking ahead, Director Lorkowski emphasized the need for the rapid transposition and implementation of the Electricity Integration Package, which is crucial for the coupling of Serbia's short-term markets. He called for the certification of gas transmission and storage operators and the guarantee of third-party access at interconnection points to eliminate barriers for new market entrants. Lorkowski also stressed the importance of the final adoption of the NECP, consistent with recommendations from the Secretariat. Additionally, Mr. Lorkowski urged the swift transposition of EU regulations concerning the security of the gas supply and the regulation of risk-preparedness in the electricity sector. He underscored the need for immediate action to regulate environmental impact assessments in compliance with EU standards.

Director Lorkowski was joined by Deputy Director Dirk Buschle, Head of Electricity Unit Jasmina Trhulj and Country Desk Officer Branislava Marsenic Maksimovic during his visit. Furthermore, he contributed as a keynote speaker at the Belgrade Energy Forum.

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