Public consultation on Projects of Energy Community Interest – PECI underway

19 April 2024

The Energy Community Secretariat announces a public consultation on the candidate Projects of Energy Community Interest (PECI), as part of the 2024 selection process. This consultation, aligned with the revised TEN-E Regulation 2022/869 on guidelines for trans-European energy infrastructure, as endorsed by the Ministerial Council Decision 2023/02/MC-EnC on December 14, 2023, aims to gather input from stakeholders regarding proposed projects.

The Ministerial Council Decision 2023/02/MC-EnC mandates the adoption of the new list of projects of Energy Community Interest (PECI) by 31 December 2024, however, to ensure transparency, the Energy Community Secretariat, although not required by the revised TEN-E Regulation, is facilitating this public consultation.

About the nominated projects

Seventeen energy infrastructure projects were nominated, comprising 14 electricity-related projects and 3 hydrogen/smart gas grid-related projects.

Two dedicated groups, organized as per the revised TEN-E Regulation into "electricity" and "gases" categories, have determined that 10 projects, all related to electricity, will undergo further assessment of their economic performances through Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA).

How to participate in the consultation process?

Interested parties are encouraged to review the projects and submit their comments via the following email addresses:

[email protected]
[email protected]

The consultation period runs from 19 April to 1 May 2024.

This initiative seeks to engage stakeholders in the decision-making process and enhance the inclusivity and transparency of energy infrastructure project selection within the Energy Community. The finalization of this process is anticipated in December 2024, with the Ministerial Council expected to ratify the final PECI list.