Director Lorkowski addresses Electricity Market Integration Forum 2024 in Brussels

19 April 2024

On 17th of April, Director Artur Lorkowski participated in the Electricity Market Integration Forum 2024, hosted at the European Parliament in Brussels. The forum focused on the theme of integration of Contracting Parties into the EU internal electricity market, with a particular emphasis on implicit electricity market coupling. The primary objective of the forum was to garner political and regulatory support for further integrating Energy Community Contracting Parties into the Internal Energy Market (IEM), highlighting the importance of implicit electricity market coupling.

In response to inquiries about the advancement of Contracting Parties in their implementation of Electricity Integration Package and the prospect of achieving full market coupling by 2026, Director Lorkowski emphasized the significant delays in transposition across Contracting Parties. He noted that while some CPs have made advancements towards market coupling, challenges persist, including political hurdles impeding cooperation.

Regarding the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM), Director Lorkowski emphasized its potential to accelerate market integration and decarbonization efforts in the region. He added that CBAM presents both incentives and risks for market coupling, underscoring the need for a coordinated exemption framework to ensure market consistency and alignment with decarbonization goals.

The event provided a platform for stakeholders to engage in constructive dialogue and strategize on overcoming barriers to energy market integration and decarbonization within the Energy Community.

Electricity Market Integration Forum

17 April 2024, Brussels