Ukraine Energy Support Fund deploys car lifts to aid heavily damaged Kharkiv Region

4 April 2024

In response to the unprecedented Russian attack on Ukraine's power system, the Ukraine Energy Support Fund has taken swift action by procuring and deploying 9 car lifts to the Kharkiv Region, financed by Germany’s contribution implemented through KfW.

This delivery is instrumental in facilitating the rapid restoration of electricity supply to the areas affected by the devastating attacks in March 2024. The missile, drone and bomb attacks, the largest ever recorded, have left the energy situation in Ukraine extremely fragile. Notably, Kharkiv suffered the most from the attacks, with approximately 700,000 people left without electricity, heating and water supply, and significant damage inflicted upon the Kharkiv CHP-5 and Zmiivska Thermal Power Plant.

The Ukraine Energy Support Fund was established with the objective of providing financial assistance to repair Ukraine’s critical energy infrastructure damaged by Russian attacks and ensuring the continued functionality of the energy sector. It is managed by the Energy Community Secretariat and implemented in close cooperation with the USAID finance ESP and the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, with contributions from governments, international organizations, and corporate donors. To date the Fund has reached EUR 405 million in pledges from inter alia Germany, European Union, Sweden, United States, Denmark, Great Britain, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Belgium and Iceland.

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