The Ukraine Energy Support Fund in November

15 January 2024

In November, the Ukraine Energy Support Fund received a contribution by the government of Belgium EUR 2.5 million, earmarked for de-centralised renewable energy solutions. This donation underscored the ongoing commitment to support Ukraine in ensuring stable and decarbonised supply of electricity to its population.

Throughout November, the Fund continued its mission to procure essential equipment for the rehabilitation of Ukraine's energy infrastructure. Over EUR 10 million worth of critical components, including transformers, turbines, disconnectors, switches, specialized vehicles, and fuel, were acquired. Of the funds allocated, 81% was channeled towards the electricity system, while the remaining 19% was directed to the heating and combined power generation sector.

The Ukraine Energy Support Fund was established to provide financial support for repairing Ukrainian energy infrastructure damaged by Russian attacks and to maintain the functioning of the energy sector. It is managed by the Energy Community Secretariat and receives significant contributions from governments, international organizations, and corporate donors. To date, the fund has raised contributions over EUR 405 million and has already procured equipment worth more than EUR 130 million, contributing to the Ukraine’s ongoing efforts to ensure a stable energy supply to its population.

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