Moldova adopts amendments to the Law on Natural Gas

29 December 2023

Yesterday, the Parliament of Moldova adopted an amendment to the Law on Natural Gas, which further aligns Moldova in line with crucial aspects of the European Union's energy acquis. The law adopted ends the previous practice of charging customers willing to change supplier an exit fee for deviations accrued by the universal service supplier, and eliminates the ban on trade and supply licenses. It also includes major improvements on security of supply (by incorporating Regulations 2022/1032 and 2017/1938) and unbundling of the transmission system operator.

The amendment also reinforces Moldova's strategic natural gas reserves, equivalent to a minimum of 15% of Moldova's annual consumption. These reserves will be stored in storage facilities located within other Energy Community Parties, and will help Moldova to ensure a steady natural gas supply.  

Overall, the amendments constitute a major step forward in enhancing even further Moldova's impressive track record in aligning with the acquis, as already manifested in the Secretariat's Implementation Report.

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