Secretariat publishes its Recommendations on the draft National Energy and Climate Plan of Georgia

29 December 2023

The Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia submitted their draft National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP) to the Secretariat for its review on 21 July 2023. Based on Article 9 of the Energy Community Governance Regulation, the Secretariat assessed the draft Plan and issued its Recommendations. The Secretariat concluded that that the draft is structured in line with the Governance Regulation requirements and includes a comprehensive list of current and planned measures. Georgia is invited to bring its 2030 targets regarding GHG emissions reduction and in line with the Energy Community’s 2030 targets and to clarify the precise level of its 2030 target for energy efficiency (maximum level of primary energy consumption).

The Energy Community Contracting Parties are obliged to develop draft NECPs setting out objectives in line with the Energy Community 2030 targets and policies and measures in the five dimensions of the Energy Union (energy efficiency, renewables, greenhouse gas emissions reduction, internal energy market and research and innovation). The aim of the plans is to draw up an integrated policy framework to steer decarbonisation efforts until 2030 and beyond, aligning with the ambitions of the European Green Deal. The Ministerial Council adopted Regulation (EU) 2018/1999 (the Governance Regulation) in the Energy Community in November 30 2021, which governs the establishment of NECPs.

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