The Secretariat concludes final workshop under the EU4Energy project, advancing Moldova's energy future

Eu4Energy News
6 December 2023

The final workshop of the EU4Energy activity, "Technical assistance to the transposition of the Energy Community Electricity Package in Moldova," concluded recently, marking a significant milestone in Moldova's journey towards developing and integrating efficient electricity markets.

The three workshops developed as part of this component had the primary goal of supporting Moldova's endeavors to reconstruct and reform its energy system in line with principles of clean, reliable, and affordable energy supply. These workshops were organized around the Electricity Integration Package and emphasized three key pillars:

1.            Competitive Markets: Enhancing forward, day-ahead, intraday, and balancing markets to promote competitiveness.

2.            Security of Supply: Strengthening measures to ensure the security of energy supply within the country.

3.            Customer Empowerment and Protection: Empowering consumers and ensuring their protection in the evolving energy landscape.

These workshops facilitated essential knowledge exchange, enhancing understanding of market dynamics and regulatory frameworks. Key stakeholders, including the Moldovan Ministry of Energy, the National Energy Regulatory Agency, Moldelectrica (TSO), and others, actively participated.

Funded by the European Union, the EU4Energy initiative is a collaborative effort between the Energy Community Secretariat, the Council of European Energy Regulators, and the International Energy Agency. The project's overarching goal is to help Moldova create an investment-friendly environment for a cost-effective energy transition, aligning with the 2030 energy and climate targets outlined in the 2022 Ministerial Council decision.



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