Secretariat reaffirms commitment to Ukraine at the Ukraine Rebuilding Conference in Warsaw

23 November 2023

Last week, the Energy Community Secretariat, led by its Director, Mr. Artur Lorkowski, reaffirmed its unwavering support for Ukraine during the ReBuild Ukraine Conference held in Warsaw, Poland. Mr. Lorkowski's presentations at the event were centered on the theme of "Powering Ukraine's resilience: supporting energy access and recovery," emphasizing the Secretariat's commitment to Ukraine's energy sector both during and after the war.

During the conference, Mr. Lorkowski presented the critical Emergency measures taken by the Energy Community Secretariat to support Ukraine during the war. Notably, through the Ukraine Energy Support Fund, the Secretariat garnered pledges totaling EUR 272 million, with EUR 165 million already executed or in progress. Furthermore, Mr. Lorkowski highlighted the Ukraine Support Task Force, which has successfully overseen the delivery of 100 shipments, totaling 5,000 tons of essential equipment and liquids to date.

During his presentation, Mr. Lorkowski outlined the Secretariat's involvement in Ukraine's post-war rebuilding efforts, emphasizing the Ukraine Energy Market Observatory's role in monitoring energy market developments, facilitating dispute resolution, offering reform guidance, and providing market insights for stakeholders and investors. Additionally, Mr. Lorkowski reiterated the Secretariat's support for Ukraine's National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP) development through the High-Level Advisory Group, which aims to incorporate EU standards into the governance of the transition and rebuilding process, thereby providing an accountability framework to reduce risks for investors.

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