Energy Community Secretariat and EEA sign an MoU to enhance climate and energy data quality

23 November 2023

Yesterday, the Energy Community Secretariat signed a bilateral arrangement with the European Environment Agency (EEA) to strengthen the implementation of the adapted Regulation of the Governance of the Energy Union and Climate Action, adopted in November 2021. This collaboration, facilitated by DG NEAR, aims to assist Contracting Parties in the region with climate and energy data preparation, reporting, and enhancement.

This partnership comes at a crucial time, as the first round of reporting requirements for Contracting Parties commenced in 2023. By combining their expertise and resources, the Energy Community Secretariat and the EEA aim to facilitate smoother compliance with climate and energy commitments.

Artur Lorkowski, Director of the Energy Community Secretariat, emphasized the significance of this collaboration, stating, "This bilateral arrangement highlights our commitment to sustainable energy policies and climate action. Working closely with the European Environment Agency will support Contracting Parties in meeting their climate and energy obligations."

Leena Yla-Mononen, Executive Director of the European Environment Agency added, "Transparency is fundamental in addressing climate and energy challenges. This partnership will further strengthen Contracting Parties’ sharing of data and information on their progress to climate and energy targets.”

DG NEAR's role in facilitating this agreement underscores the European Union's dedication to supporting the Energy Community's journey toward sustainability. The collaboration between the Energy Community Secretariat and the European Environment Agency promises to advance the region's commitment to a greener and more sustainable future.