Secretariat’s conference in Ljubljana sparks renewable investment opportunities

16 November 2023

Today in Ljubljana, the Energy Commmunity Secretariat, in collaboration with the Slovenian Government, organized the inaugural Energy Community Conference on Advancing Renewable Investments. The event brought together 110 participants in Ljubljana and 100 online, fostering meaningful discussions, networking opportunities, and knowledge exchange among stakeholders from various sectors. It reflected the proactive efforts of Energy Community Contracting Parties in establishing robust legal and regulatory frameworks, propelling the acceleration of investments in renewable energy. These substantial endeavours align with their 2030 targets and commitment to a green energy transition.

The conference served as a catalyst for fostering collaboration between government representatives and potential investors keen on exploring opportunities within the renewable energy sector. The agenda delved into critical areas such as support schemes, guarantees of origin, renewable energy power purchase agreements (PPAs), self-consumption, and streamlining of permitting procedures for renewable energy projects, showcasing a comprehensive commitment to advancing the renewable energy landscape.

Tomorrow, on 17 November, the Renewable Energy Coordination Group (RECG) will convene in Ljubljana, further fortifying the commitment to advancing sustainable energy solutions within the Energy Community.