Security of Gas Supply: Secretariat adopts filling trajectory to reach 2024 gas storage target 

15 November 2023

In a move to enhance the security of gas supply within the Energy Community, the Secretariat has  adopted - comprehensive storage filling trajectories corresponding to intermediate storage targets. These measures are aimed at ensuring that Contracting Parties with underground gas storage facilities, specifically Serbia and Ukraine, meet the mandatory gas storage target of 90% by November 1, 2024. 

The adoption of the filling trajectories, along with intermediary targets for 2024, was the result of discussion and endorsements by the Energy Community Security of Supply Coordination Group. The trajectory itself is based on multiple factors, including data submitted by the Contracting Parties, the average filling rate during the preceding five years, a thorough assessment of the general security of gas supply situation, and an analysis of the evolving gas demand and supply dynamics within the Energy Community and individual Contracting Parties. 

By setting these targets and implementing the well-considered trajectories, the Secretariat aims to strengthen the reliability of gas supplies, ensuring energy security for the region.  

In Scope:

  • Serbia Serbia
  • Ukraine Ukraine