Secretariat updates the roster of experts to boost project impact

10 November 2023

In a move aimed at strengthening its mission and enhancing the expertise available for its initiatives, the Energy Community Secretariat announces a significant update to its Roster of Experts. This update, linked with the expertise categorization, opens up new opportunities for natural persons and legal entities to contribute their skills and knowledge to the organization's projects.

Interested applicants can find detailed information on the specific areas of expertise and application guidelines by referring to the official contract notice, accessed through the following link: Energy Community Secretariat Roster of Experts.

The Secretariat encourages dedicated natural persons and legal entities with expertise in Consultancy or Legal services to apply for inclusion in our Roster of Experts. By expanding its pool of experts, the Energy Community Secretariat aims to strengthen its capacity to tackle complex energy challenges and drive forward initiatives that contribute to a sustainable energy future.