The Secretariat supports Moldova to align renewable energy legislation with EU Acquis

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8 August 2023

The Energy Community Secretariat remains committed to supporting the Republic of Moldova in its ongoing efforts to align its legislation on renewable energy with the European Union (EU) acquis. The alignment of Moldova's primary legislation on the use of energy from renewable sources is a crucial step in the country's ambitious decarbonization agenda.

The Energy Community Secretariat in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Moldova, has organized a series of stakeholder consultations. These consultations sought to gather input from various stakeholders and reflect the opinions of the public in the bill. The constructive discussions centered around key areas such as upgrading the "net-metering" scheme to "net-billing," devising effective support schemes to incentivize investments in renewable technologies by both small and large producers and defining the necessary requirements for compliance.

The consultation process also addressed the contribution of the District Heating and transport sectors in Moldova's broader greening agenda. By involving all relevant parties, Moldova aims to build a robust framework that will accelerate the adoption of renewable energy practices and pave the way for a sustainable and environmentally responsible energy sector.

It is anticipated that the finalized law will be presented to the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova for adoption in September 2023. The forthcoming legislation represents a significant milestone in Moldova's energy transition journey. 

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