Ukraine Energy Support Fund allocates EUR 26.3 mln to restore vital energy facilities damaged by war

21 July 2023

The Ukraine Energy Support Fund, managed by the Energy Community Secretariat, has approved vital financial aid for three key energy facilities severely damaged by Russian missile attacks.

The Kremenchuk Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant, located in the Poltava Region, serves as a crucial gas-fired facility for power supply and district heating in the city of Kremenchuk. The largest portion of financial aid, amounting to EUR 15.2 million, has been allocated to expedite the restoration of this facility. The funding will ensure uninterrupted and improved energy services for the city and the surrounding regions, particularly as the challenging winter season approaches.

Another recipient of support is Kramatroskteploenergo, a district heating provider in the city of Kramatorsk in the Donetsk region. This essential infrastructure has been approved for a grant of EUR 2.6 million. The financial aid will play a pivotal role in refurbishing the damaged infrastructure and guaranteeing adequate heating for residents during the colder months.

Furthermore, Kharkiv CHP-5, a vital gas-fired combined heat and power facility providing power and district heating, has been granted EUR 8.5 million. These funds are dedicated to promptly restoring the plant's capacity and performance, thereby fortifying Kharkiv's energy security in preparation for the upcoming winter season.

The Ukraine Energy Support Fund was established to provide financial support for repairing critical energy infrastructure damaged by Russian attacks and to keep the Ukrainian energy sector functioning. It is managed by the Energy Community Secretariat with significant contributions from governments, international organizations, and corporate donors with a total pledge of EUR 220 million. To date, EUR 166 million has been received in grants to restore and improve Ukraine's energy infrastructure.

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