The Secretariat welcomes decisive moment for the Moldovan energy sector

21 July 2023

On 11 July 2023, the Moldovan energy regulator ANRE issued a final decision certifying the electricity transmission system operator (TSO) Moldelectrica as an Independent System Operator. Almost five years after the first certification request by Moldelectrica, the TSO is now compliant with the European standards for unbundling.

In issuing the final decision, ANRE took full account of the Secretariat’s Opinion no 2/2023 dated 12 May 2023, which raised concerns about potential conflicts of interest that may affect the independence of the TSO. Between 12 May 2023 and 11 July 2023, all safeguards recommended by the Secretariat to address these risks were implemented: the statute of Moldelectrica was amended to ensure independent investment planning, a compliance program was adopted by the Ministry of Energy (as the system owner), a compliance agent was appointed, and all state representatives on the boards of directors of state-owned suppliers and generators signed statements of impartiality.

The final decision also includes conditions to be fulfilled in the coming nine months in order to fully ensure the independence of the TSO, namely strengthening the role of the State Secretary designated to exercise the role of the Ministry as the sole shareholder of Moldelectrica, and the introduction of selection procedures applicable to the positions of members of the board of directors of Moldelectria (after the expiry of the current mandates), based on the principles of merit and transparency, with a majority of members to be selected from outside public administration and public enterprises.

Following the successful certification of Moldelectrica as an ISO, the Secretariat closed Case ECS-18/21 related to the same topic.


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