Cross-Border Dialogue Working Group established between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, to discuss Buk Bijela HPP

4 July 2023

The joint effort by the Energy Community Secretariat, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and Montenegro marks a significant milestone in fostering effective communication and cooperation between the two countries with the establishment of a cross-border dialogue working group. The working group comprises representatives from the competent authorities of both Contracting Parties and aims to address the challenges associated with the Buk Bijela hydropower project, located on the border between the two countries.

The inaugural meeting took place at the premises of the Energy Community Secretariat. During the productive gathering, delegates from both BiH and Montenegro engaged in intensive discussions regarding the Buk Bijela hydropower projects. Under the Secretariat’s facilitation the working group formulated a comprehensive roadmap with specific timelines, which envisages a structured approach to resolving the outstanding issues.

The cross-border dialogue working group has identified a set of tasks which include actively seeking feedback and conducting consultations with the concerned public. This inclusive approach ensures that the public's perspectives and concerns are duly taken into account in the work of the group.

The Energy Community Secretariat serves as a central hub for information exchange and coordination, ensuring all relevant parties are informed and engaged. It also offering guidance and support to the working group to effectively implement the tasks outlined in the roadmap, and to address potential challenges.

To maintain the momentum and commitment to resolving the identified issues, the group scheduled its next meeting for September. This ongoing engagement demonstrates the determination of both BiH and Montenegro to convene regularly and to make steady progress towards finding mutually beneficial solutions.

The Energy Community Secretariat commends the efforts of the working group and expresses confidence that the established cross-border dialogue will yield positive outcomes for the energy sectors of both BiH and Montenegro, fostering regional cooperation and sustainable development.


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