Energy Community Secretariat supports Ukraine in maximizing energy reform potential 

22 June 2023

The Director of the Energy Community Secretariat, Artur Lorkowski, and the Minister of Energy of Ukraine, German Galushchenko discussed regulatory changes aimed at de-risking the gas storage business in Ukraine. These changes would benefit both the EU and the Energy Community by enabling EU operators to utilize Ukrainian storage capacities, thereby enhancing overall energy security by enabling storing significant quantities of gas in Ukraine before the next winter season.

The discussions also focused on regulatory aspects of cross-border electricity exchanges between the Ukraine and EU Member States. The remaining steps to implement joint capacity allocation on all timeframes and join JAO still before the next winter season were discussed. Fast track transposition of the new Electricity Package, in particular CACM, along with the designation of the NEMO, were identified as key to proceed with the market coupling. Director Lorkowski expressed the Secretariat’s commitment to facilitating the necessary preconditions for the potential commencement of joint capacity allocation, along with the day-ahead and intraday market coupling.

Additionally, both parties recognized the significant progress in procuring specialized energy equipment from the Ukraine Energy Support Fund, highlighting the concrete results with successful deliveries of equipment and fuels worth millions of Euros. They expressed gratitude to the donors who have pledged so far EUR 220 million, emphasizing the crucial role of these funds in facilitating rapid recovery and realizing resilient and green solutions. To further enhance the Fund's operation, Director Lorkowski and Minister Galushchenko agreed to strengthen joint efforts in further improving cooperation with Ukrainian energy companies, processing new support requests by the Ministry, and supporting innovative, resilient, and green energy solutions in Ukraine.


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